Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Congratulations 2017 Majors Baseball Family Day All-Stars!

Come watch these teams play in the Majors All-Star Game on Saturday at 7:30pm on the East Field.

American League:
Manager Scott Bernecker

From Team Bernecker
Cole Knuble
Mitchell Stuursma
Drew Caswell
From Team VanderBoegh
Phillip Blackport
Kerry McCarthy
Daniel McIntyre
From Team White
Mitchell White
Christian Burgess
Tommy Cavanaugh
From Team Seth
Camden Seth
Parker Seth
Zeke Heerema
From Team Moore
Landon Batka
Micah Daniels
Leland Whinery
National League:
Manager Rob Dwortz

From Team Dwortz
Aidan OConnor
Nick Collins
Peter Heintz
From Team Turner
Jack Bertke
Cole Miller
Liam O'Malley
From Team Sova
Scott Millman
Christopher Tepper
Zach Vriesenga
From Team Gelderloos
JT LaMange
Luke Gelderloos
Isaac Herford
From Team Passinault
Ben Passinault
Shayne Kwiatkowski
Isaac Hubka