Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Congratulations 2017 Minors Baseball Family Day All-Stars!

Come watch these teams play in the Minors All-Star Game on Saturday at 7:30pm on the West Field.

American League:
Manager Kip Doezema

From Team Doezema
Nigel Doyle
Will Doezema
Mark Van Hekken
From Team VanGessel
Luke VanGessel
Myles Gabridge
Zac Fouch
From Team Fredrickson
Gavin Buck
Josh McCune
Dylan Buck
From Team Kehr
Harris Kehr
Jack Thornton
Cameron Maley
From Team Stotts
Tyler DeBoer
Angelo Lauria
Pierson Kortman
From Team Sanders
Ryer Olsson
Jonas Burks
James Preston
National League:
Manager Tom Kuzner

From Team Kuzner
Tommy Rosmarin
Carter Vriesenga
Axel Cummings
From Team Stadel
Carson Stadel
Tripp DeBoer
Charlie Seufert
From Team Rohen
Sean Murray
Sam Putt
Quintin Thomas
From Team Ledesma
Zach Clark
Ethan Sova
Jon Richards
From Team Tocco
Noah Reed
Andrew Owings
Zach Caswell
From Team Lachman
Casey Shelton
Patrick O’Malley
Henry Kwiatkowski