Saturday, June 29, 2013

Congratulations 2013 Juniors Softball All-Stars

Manager: Courtney Moskal
  • Sarah Brouwer
  • Aubrie Cok
  • Nora Crampton
  • Tess Dekker
  • Megan Donnelly
  • Brooke Elzinga
  • Michelle Ferdinands
  • Libby Moskal
  • Olivia Prince
  • Emma Stafford
  • Emma Stankewicz
  • Zoe Zawacki

Sunday Action at Southern

1:00pm major west all stars and junior class B team tournament. 3:30pm major east all stars and senior class D team tournament. 5:30pm Southern vs. Southern big league double header. The grills will be fired up all day so come on out!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Congratulations 2013 Seniors Baseball All-Stars

Manager: Chris Lamange
Coach: Rob Henkey
Coach: Mike Horjus
  • Mason Banbury
  • Brendan Boman
  • Jared Bulthuis
  • Mike Clifford
  • Zac Corell
  • Joel Dayton
  • Ryan Dayton
  • Bryce Henkey
  • Casey Horjus
  • Sam Jansen
  • Miles Kuperus
  • Noah Salasky
  • Brendan Sullivan
  • Sam Vaughn
  • Ben Wollet
  • AJ Zawacki

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Schedule Change in Seniors Baseball: Horjus/Henkey/Campbell/VandenBerge

We have made a change to the seniors baseball schedule on Saturday, June 22:

  • Teams Campbell & VandenBerge: Instead of playing each other at 2:00pm, your game will now take place at 6:00pm.
  • Teams Horjus & Henkey: Instead of playing each other at 6:00pm, your game will now take place at 2:00pm.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Congratulations 2013 Majors Softball All-Stars

Manager: Jim Ward
  • Maggie Benham
  • Micah Britton
  • Grace Gooch
  • Katie Huizenga
  • Sadie Kornoelje
  • Josie Law
  • Brielle Oosse
  • Lydia Reahm
  • Hannah Rusticus
  • Andrea Salasky
  • Katie Ward
  • Leah Wynbeek

Friday, June 14, 2013

Congratulations 2013 Juniors Baseball All-Stars

East Team
Manager: Bernie Malewitz
Coach: TBD
  • Noah Groen
  • Henry Breems
  • Mike Malewitz
  • Jack Tietema
  • Jacob Elzinga
  • Peter Burns
  • Jack Foy
  • Matt Henkey
  • Jake Hoppman
  • Will Kortz
  • Jack Liszweski
  • Joe Huffman
  • Matthew Winkle
  • EJ Sullivan

West Team
Manager: Ethan Rohen
Coach: TBD
  • Nolan Heerema
  • Will Berglund
  • Brennan Burke
  • Charlie Bogo
  • Jonathan Oostinie
  • Emmett Warners
  • Mark Primus
  • Harrison Rohen
  • Andrew Bojas
  • Marty Ward
  • Ben Burrows
  • Alec Malaszenko
  • Max Vicari
  • Caleb Corell

Congratulations 2013 9-10-Year-Old Baseball All-Stars

East Team
Head Coach: Joel Passinault
Assistant Coach: Tom Kuzner
Assistant Coach: Tim Kolk
  • Jake Passinault
  • Kyle Kirk
  • Jake Myers
  • Trent Elzinga
  • Sean Murphy
  • Nate Vandyke
  • Alex Kolk
  • Aiden Callahan
  • Luke Aardema
  • Luke Kuzner
  • David Bernecker
  • Nathan Milannowski
  • Henry Norcutt

West Team
Head Coach: Nick Stadel
Assistant Coach: Jason Gradner
Assistant Coach: TBD
  • Ben Whiteside
  • Isaiah Hicks
  • Luke Fynewever-Muyskens
  • Jordan Bergsma
  • Declan Lee
  • Aiden Stadel
  • Tanner Warners
  • Marcellus Vanderkodde
  • Gabe Laughlin
  • Will Zimdar
  • Thomas Edwards
  • Aidan Gardner
  • Elijah Kuiper

Congratulations 2013 11-Year-Old Baseball All-Stars

Manager: John Mundell
Coach: Eric O'Connor
  • Myles Beale
  • Aidan O’Connor
  • Jack Mundell
  • Daniel Southerington
  • Foster Lyman
  • Oskar Olsson
  • Jack Fouch
  • Keegan Batka
  • Micah Baermann
  • Josh Weiss
  • Henry VanderZyden
  • John Holmes 
  • Alex De Boer

Congratulations 2013 Majors Baseball All-Stars

East Team
Manager: Scott Bernecker
Coach: Tom Pohlman
  • Luke Passinault
  • Mark Boeve
  • Reily O’Connor
  • Nate Fournier
  • Josh Verstraete
  • Will Marsh
  • Billy Bernecker
  • Luke Elzinga
  • Banks Boender
  • Tommy Pohlman
  • Robbie Stuursma
  • Joe Collins
  • Cam Myers

West Team
Manager: Jamie Billo
Coach: Tim Sullivan
  • Nick Lambert
  • Cam Knuble
  • John Shelton
  • Nolan Gardner
  • Lee De Haan
  • Ben Biermacher
  • Ryan Smith
  • Ryan Sullivan
  • Peter Kratt
  • Griffin Caul
  • Jack Ward
  • Jack Billo
  • Aidan Jennings

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Schedule Changes in Seniors Baseball

We have made a change to the seniors baseball schedule on Wednesday, June 26:
  • Teams Campbell & VandenBerge: Instead of playing each other at 4:30pm on Wednesday, June 26, your game will now take place at 2:00pm on Saturday, June 22.
  • Teams Campbell & Vaughn: Instead of playing each other at 6:15pm on Wednesday, June 26, your game will now take place at 4:00pm on Saturday, June 22.
  • Teams Horjus & Henkey: Instead of playing each other at 8:00pm on Wednesday, June 26, your game will now take place at 6:00pm on Saturday, June 22.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Big League Schedule Now Available

The Big League Baseball schedule is now up on the website. You can find it here. You can also get to it from the Schedules link on the right sidebar of the website. Keep in mind that we generally do not announce changes and weather cancellations for Big League.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Schedule Change in Majors Baseball: Warners/O'Connor,E/Billo/Sullivan

We have made a change to the majors baseball schedule on Saturday, June 8:
  • Teams O'Connor,E & Warners: Instead of playing each other at 11:00am, your game will now take place at 3:00pm.
  • Teams Billo & Sullivan: Instead of playing each other at 3:00pm, your game will now take place at 11:00am.

Tournament Dates

Below are the team tournament and all-star tournament dates for the summer:

Team Tournaments

The team tournaments are for major, junior, and senior level in both baseball and softball. Every team in those divisions will play in a team tournament against teams from other nearby leagues that finished with similar regular season records. It's a fun time for every player on every team at those levels. Parents, please block these dates below for team tournaments. The detailed schedules vary by team and by level and as the tournaments progress. Each team tournament can last as long as two weeks.
  • Majors Baseball: June 15
  • Juniors Baseball: June 22
  • Seniors Baseball: June 28
  • Majors Softball: June 15
  • Juniors Softball: June 22

All-Star Tournaments

The all-star tournaments are for every level of baseball and softball except 78ers. Southern typically sends one or two all-star teams from each division into the all-star tournaments. Please block these dates below if you think your child might be selected for an all-star team. All-star tournaments can last two weeks or more, depending on how far our teams advance.
  • 9-10 Baseball: July 8
  • 10-11 Baseball: July 1
  • Majors Baseball: June 27
  • Juniors Baseball: July 8
  • Seniors Baseball: July 8
  • 9-10 Softball: July 8
  • 10-11 Softball: July 8
  • Majors Softball: June 24
  • Juniors Softball: July 8

Monday, June 3, 2013

Last Call for Big League Sign-up

This is your final opportunity to sign up for Southern's Big League League Baseball. The season starts June 10. Please sign up as soon as possible. The deadline for signing up is midnight on Wednesday, June 5. After that, there is a wait list and a $20 late fee. Big League is for 16, 17 and 18 year olds who played high school baseball at the varsity level. The cost is $130. Click here to sign up.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

17th Annual Family Day is TODAY!

Saturday, June 1, is Family Day. 34 ball games and lots of other activities will be going on all day long, so bring the whole family - Grandma, Grandpa, aunts, and uncles.
Join us for lunch or dinner, and enjoy our expanded menu:
  • Marinated sirloin steak-on-a-stick
  • Teriyaki chicken kabobs
  • Hamburgers, jumbo hot dogs and fresh brats from Ken's Market
  • Famous sauteed onions and all your favorite condiments
  • Corn-on-the-cob
Activities for the kids: free!
  • Double water slide
  • Bounce land with a slide
  • Reminder: Please sell your raffle tickets and turn in the money and stubs before the deadline at noon on Saturday. Look for the raffle table near the concession stand.
  • The big raffle drawing will take place at 7:00pm.
All-Star Games:
Weather Updates:
  • Sign up to get notified by text message of any cancellations or schedule changes due to the weather. It is SO simple to sign up. Click here.