Thursday, May 30, 2013

Congratulations 2013 Majors Baseball Family Day All-Stars

Congratulations to the following majors baseball players who were chosen by their teammates to play in the all-star game on Family Day. The game will take place on Saturday, June 1, at 7:30pm on the East field.

American League:
Coach Mundell: Nolan Gardner, John Shelton, Lee DeHaan
Coach Patrick O'Connor: Hayden Taylor, Reily O'Connor, Clayton Fee
Coach Sullivan: Ben Biermacher, Ryan Smith, Ryan Sullivan
Coach Eric O'Connor: Myles Beale, Aidan O'Connor, Jonah Witte
Coach Hebert: Nate Fournier, Nick Lambert, Josh Verstraete

National League:
Coach Jacobsen: Peter Kratt, Griffen Caul, Alex King
Coach Pohlman: Tommy Pohlman, Jack Ward, Luke Elzinga
Coach Billo: Jack Billo, Cam Knuble, Billy Bernecker
Coach Warners: Banks Boender, Aidan Jennings, Carson Warners
Coach Passinault: Luke Passinault, Jake Passinault, Mark Boeve