Monday, June 30, 2008

Congratulations Team Tournament Champions and Runners-Up!

Congratulations to those Southern teams who won or placed second in their district team tournaments:

Major Softball
  • Coach Hoezee's team was the runner-up

Major Baseball
  • Coach Horjus' team was the Class F champion
  • Coach Danhof's team was the Class G champion
  • Coach Rossi's team was the Class I runner-up
  • Coach Casey's team was the Class J runner-up

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Minors Baseball All-Star Team

Congratulations to the players who made the Southern Minor League Baseball All-Star Teams:

West Team:
James Haverkamp
Sam McCulloch
Sammy Kaser
Harrison Rohen
Brennan Burke
Emmett Warners
Mark Primus
Ben Burrows
Alex Jennings
Quinton O'Connor
Tristan Ogdahl
Jack VanGessel
Jacob Witte

East Team:
Bryce Henkey
Jaret Allen
Ted Russo
Jonathan Winkle
Sam Ward
Will Kortz
Vince Tierney
EJ Sullivan
Brendan Oosse
Sean Leonard
Patrick Korte
Josh Rabideau
Rowan Corcoran
Parker Wood

You can track our teams on the District 9 Tournament website here. It may take them a few days before they post the tournament bracket.

(Feel free to leave comments on this page if there are any misspellings or other corrections.)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Still Time to Sign Up for Baseball Camp!

Baseball Camp starts on Monday, June 23. There is still time to sign up in person on Monday morning at Southern. You can get all the details here.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Baseball Camp

Sponsored by: Southern Little League and Morgan’s Hitting Club
Location: Southern Little League
Dates: June 23-27
Time: 9:00am – 2:30pm
Cost: $185.00
  • Former professional baseball player and the area’s #1 hitting coach, Curtis Morgan
  • Former Major League pitcher, Steve Wojciechowski
  • Other college and professional baseball players and coaches
  • Lunch provided daily
  • Ages 6-14 welcome
  • Emphasizing fundamental hitting improvement and general game situation knowledge
  • Fun, games, Home Run Derby and other enjoyable activities
  • Limited to the first 100 sign-ups to ensure quality instruction
  • Also open to girls softball players. Curtis Morgan has helped place 26 girls into NCAA Division 1 softball programs!
Contact Mike Schwenneker to with any questions:
  • 633-5576
There are three ways to sign up:
  • (there is a $10 convenience fee)
  • Or print this form, fill it out and mail it with your check to the address on the form
  • Or come in person to the first day of camp with your check

Thursday, June 19, 2008

District Team Tournament Assignments

Our teams have been assigned to the following tournament brackets:

Majors Baseball (begins June 14)
A - Cain
B - Hollern
C - Vaughn
D - VanScoyk
E - Lubben
F - Horjus
G - Danhof
H - Tolonen
I-1 - Weiss
I-2 - Rossi
J-1 - Casey
J-2 - Mudde

Juniors Baseball (begins June 21)
A - Primus
B - Kraai
C - Lewis
D - Tuuk
E - Martin
F-1 - Malewitz
F-2 - Buffinga

Majors Softball (begins June 18)
F - Hoezee

Juniors Softball (start date TBD)
B - Zietse

We'll make a separate posting for the seniors baseball once we have that information.

You can track Southern's teams in the district brackets on the District 9 website here.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Raffle Wrap-Up

From our raffle coordinator, John Belanger:

On behalf of the staff of Southern Little League, I want to thank you each of you who supported our raffle this season.

The winners were announced during Family Fun Day:
  • Laneuville Jung - Grand Prize Winner
  • Patty Malewitz - Second Prize Winner
  • Dan Ellison - Third Prize Winner
The top selling teams in each league win a pizza party:
  • 78er's - Craig Boeve's Cubs
  • Minors - Eric O'Conner's Marlins
  • Majors - Al Rossi's Fighting Blimpies
  • Juniors - Dave Tuuk's team
Contact me for details.

I encourage all of you to submit feedback to me on the Raffle. All comments welcome. Southern Little League needs the raffle to succeed EVERY year as part of our overall fund raising activities, so your opinion really does matter.

A special thank you to all the people who helped me out this year. I could not have done it without you.

John Belanger

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Former MLB Pitcher to Coach at Baseball Camp!

We're happy to announce that former Major League pitcher Steve Wojciechowski will be coaching at our baseball camp later this month! Steve pitched for three seasons with the Oakland A's. Steve will be giving special instruction to pitchers who attend the camp.

You can read all the details including how to sign up here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Don't Forget to Pick Up Your Pictures!

The photographer has asked us to remind everyone to pick up their photos at the concession stand. The following people have photos waiting for them there:

Team: Cubs -- Scott Boeve
  • Luke Diehm
  • Sam Farrington
  • Micah Hoekstra
  • Chris Owens
  • Matthew McMahon
  • Christopher Steers
  • Hayden Fuger

Team: Red Sox -- Boender
  • Matthew Thompson
  • Joshua Verstraete
  • Luke Walsh

Team: Brewers -- Otte/VanGessel
  • John Barcheski
  • Ezekiel Ramos
  • Xavier Ramos
  • Ted Duele

Team: East Hills -- Buffinga
  • Jacob Marco
  • Nathan Markham
  • Miles Roberts
  • Connor Colburn
  • Stephen Mendez

Team: Buckeyes -- Schipper
  • Justine Distel
  • Carly Romanowski
  • Aubrey Cok
  • Jill Woodhouse
  • Claire Brouwer
  • Sami Vanttoven

Team: Reds -- Tolonen
  • Ben Brouwer
  • Jake Gunnoe
  • Joseph Hall
  • Austin Batka
  • Antonio Darin
  • Trevor Poe

Team: McKendry -- Danhof
  • Joe Bell
  • Joey Ellis
  • Thomas Rietema
  • Jack Smith
  • PJ Tuitel
  • Manuel Morales
  • Drew Danhof
  • Greyson Schultz
  • Zack Vernum

Team: Cardinals -- Michael Bender

Team: LA Dodgers -- McBride
  • Jacob Davis
  • Samuel Ferrick
  • Trey McBride
  • Brandon Turcotte
  • Malik Cochrane

Team: NY Mets -- Embrey
  • Colin Beggs
  • Tim Brom
  • Lauren Conger
  • Aaron Embrey
  • Noah Groen
  • Nicholas Mull
  • James Klein
  • Brendan Leonard
  • Jackson Maitner
  • Drew Mollan
  • Jack Smith
  • Logan Jaglowski

Monday, June 9, 2008

Big League Registration is Open

The Big League season is starting soon.
  • Players must be 17 - 18 years old (calculate your official age here)
  • If your Little League does not have a Big League team, you are allowed to play with us!
  • Sign-up is open until June 6
  • Season starts around the second week of June
  • Teams play 15 to 18 games
  • Cost is $110
  • You can sign up and pay online by clicking here.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Family Day and Raffle Reminder

Our raffle coordinator, John Belanger, will be at Southern on Saturday from 8:30am to 6:45pm. He'll have a table set up near the concession stand where you can turn in your raffle ticket stubs as well as the proceeds from ticket sales.

As always, you can reach John on his mobile phone at 520-3231. Raffle details are here.

See you all at the park tomorrow for Family Day!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

All Star Line-ups for Baseball Majors and Minors

Congratulations to this year's Minor and Major Baseball All Stars!

The All Star games are on Family Day, June 7. The Minor All Stars play on the West field at 7:00pm. The Major All Stars play on the East field at 7:30pm.

(If you see any errors or typos, leave a comment below and we'll try to correct them right away.)

Minor League American Division:
  • from Coach Henkey's team:
    Bryce Henkey
    Jaret Allen
  • from Coach Sayfie's team:
    Ted Russo
    Corbin Johnson
  • from Coach VandenBerg's team:
    Dan VandenBerg
    Jonathan Winkle
  • from Coach Oosse's team:
    James Haverkamp
    Brendan Oosse
  • from Coach McCulloch's team:
    Jack Combs
    Sam McCulloch
  • from Coach Rohen's team:
    Sammy Kaser
    Harrison Rohen
  • from Coach Warners' team:
    Brennan Burke
    Emmett Warners
    Mark Primus
  • from Coach Jacobs' team:
    Patrick Korte
    Jacob Witte
Minor League National Division:
  • from Coach Seville's team:
    Ben Burrows
    Marcus Mathews
  • from Coach Sullivan's team:
    Ben Loos
    Alex Jennings
  • from Coach Berglund's team:
    Will Berglund
    Sam Ward
  • from Coach Vulpetti's team:
    Jonah Jansen
    Andrew Vernum
  • from Coach Kirchgessner's team:
    Will Kortz
    Vince Tierney
  • from Coach O'Connor's team:
    Quinton O'Connor
    Tristan Ogdahl
  • from Coach Matthews' team:
    Josh Rabideau
    Sam Mathews
  • form Coach VanGessel's team:
    Jack VanGessel
    Dylan Otte
Major League National Division:
  • from Coach Cain's team:
    Steven Gillespie
    Brad Campbell
    Brian Cain
  • from Coach Horjus' team:
    Michael Sayfie
    Noah Sullivan
    A. J. Zawacki
  • from Coach Weiss' team:
    Peter Stewart
    Scott Culbert
    Austin Huizenga
  • from Coach Danhoff's team:
    Adam Warners
    Sam Kuiper
    Greyson Schultz
  • from Coach Tolonen's team:
    Ben Brouwer
    Austin Baelka
    Zac Correll
  • from Coach Casey's team:
    Eric Monsma
    Kyle Vulpetti
    Eric Molenaar
Major League American Division:
  • from Coach Vaughn's team:
    Sam Vaughn
    Sam Boeve
    Tim Blewett
  • from Coach VanScoyk's team:
    Jordan Conser
    Ben VanScoyk
    Matt Baas
  • from Coach Lubben's team:
    Brock Pogodzinski
    Dan Lubben
    Drew Bremer
  • from Coach Rossi's team:
    Mason Banbury
    Alex Hicks
    Bower Snedeker
  • from Coach Hollern's team:
    Pat Cvengros
    Nate Hollern
    Grant Knibbe
  • from Coach Mudde's team:
    Jon Mudde
    Zach Markham
    Phil Apol
Come on out on Saturday night and watch your 2008 All Stars in action!

12th Annual Family Day

Family Day is this Saturday, June 7th. Thirty-one ball games and lots of other activities will be going on all day long, so bring the whole family.

  • We still need lots of volunteers of all kinds at various times on Saturday.
  • Please sign up at the concession stand or contact Michelle at or 581-2164.
Enjoy our expanded menu:
  • Mom's Marinated Steak-on-a-Stick.
  • Marinated Chicken Breast Sandwiches
  • Hamburgers, Jumbo Hotdogs and Johnsonville Brats
  • Meal Deals
  • Famous sauteed onions and and all your favorite condiments
  • Corn-on-the-Cob
Activities for the kids:
  • Water Run - a bouncy runway that leads to a shallow pool at the end
  • Bounce Land - a place for kids to bounce around
  • 2 on 2 Basketball Challenge - keeps score, just like the one at Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • Watch for a visit from Griff, the Griffins hockey mascot!
  • Reminder: Please sell your raffle tickets before and turn in the money and stubs before the deadline on Saturday at 6:00pm.
  • The big raffle drawing will take place at 7:00pm.
All-Star Games:
  • Plan on staying for the Minor and Major Baseball All-Star Games at 7:00pm and 7:30pm.
Knock on wood for good weather! We hope to see everyone out at Southern this Saturday.