Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Major and Minor Fall Ball is Full and Signups are Closed

78er and Junior players are still needed. Contact Bob Hams at bhams@roofmelt.com or Ethan Rohen at erohen@rivercitymech.com to sign up for Junior or 78er Fall Baseball. Online registration is closed so you will have to contact one of them to sign up.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Last Chance to Sign Up for Fall Ball

Please sign up for Fall Ball ASAP. You can read all the details and sign up online here. The deadline is midnight TONIGHT.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fall Ball Deadline is This Sunday

Please sign up for Fall Ball ASAP. You can read all the details and sign up online here. The deadline is Sunday, August 17.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Register Now for Fall Ball

It's time to think about Fall Ball again!
  • Fall baseball will be for ages 7-14.
  • This is a fun and instructional season. There are no practices, and we don't keep standings.
  • The 7-8 age group will play coach pitch. The 9-10 age group and the 11-12 age group will play on the East and West small fields. Ages 13-14 will play on the Henwood big field.
  • Please note that if you played as an 8-year old in coach pitch this past Summer, you now move up and play in the 9-10 age group for the Fall. If you played as a 10-year-old in the minors this past Summer, you will move up and play as an 11-year-old for the Fall. If you played as a 12-year-old in the majors this Summer, you will play as a 13-year old on the Henwood big field for the Fall. If you played as a 14-year old in the Juniors this past Summer, you continue to play as a 14-year old on the big field for the Fall.
  • The season will start on Sunday, August 24, skip Sunday, August 31, for the Labor Day weekend, with the final games on Sunday, October 5. That's a total of six Sundays of play.
  • All games will be played on Sunday afternoons at 1:00pm and 3:00pm, with some games at 5:00pm only if required by the number of teams.
  • The cost has been reduced to $60 this year and includes a jersey you can keep. This fee helps us cover the costs of umpires, baseballs, etc.
  • Please note: You must live within Southern's official boundaries to be eligible to participate in Fall ball. The only exception is if you used to live within the boundaries while playing baseball at Southern, you continue to qualify. If this is too confusing or if you're hoping for an exception, please contact Bob.
  • Interested in Fall Softball? If enough people email Wendi Moore (weemoore@comcast.net), then we will organize a fall softball season with Sunday afternoon games at Manhattan Park. Please do not sign up yet for softball, but do email her ASAP.
  • You can sign up online here. To help us organize teams, recruit coaches and order shirts, we ask that you please sign up online as soon as possible.
  • The deadline for signing up is Sun-17-Aug.
  • If you have any questions contact:
    Bob Hams, league director (bhams@roofmelt.com)
  • We need coaches! Please contact Bob if you are interested in coaching. (No full teams will be allowed this year so we can achieve an even competitive balance.)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

One More Thank-You

OK, for all of you who think I am 40 years old, you are wrong. My old age has kicked in. There is one person I forgot to mention in my previous thank-you note: our own webmaster, Paul VanderLei. Paul, your skill and ability to design our website is second to none. What a great service you provide on behalf of all of Southern. Thank you for your time!
Joe Mead
President, Southern Little League

Friday, August 1, 2014

A Huge Thank You to All Our Volunteers

Southern, we have completed the hosting of the Seniors  and the 9-10 state tournaments. If I had a $1000 to put in the "kitty" for every compliment we received, we wouldn't have to worry about fundraising!

I would like to recognize the following people and groups:
  • Jen Rowe - concessions. She and all of her teammates and the volunteers did an awesome job. "Courteous" and "friendly" were a few of the adjectives used to describe them.
  • Joe Malewitz and the grounds crew. What can we say? Our fields were second to none!
  • Jim Weiss and Rick Stockhill - umpires. The umpires were professional and timely as usual.
  • Dave Wallet - the master griller. Dave put full days in at the grill. Quite an accomplishment with the weather. Special mention to Ethan Rohen as well.
  • All of our own Southern players who donated their time for pitch counting, score keeping, and announcing. Parents please pass along our thanks to them.
  • Mathew Sullivan, the announcer for the Senior tournament and the 9-10 championship game. I can't even begin to tell everyone all of the compliments we received. Thank you, Mathew!
  • Bridgette Billo and Doreen Lambert for having our merchandise tent ready to go and stocked every day.
  • Let's not forget our committee - Bob Hams, Tim Kolk, Jamie Billo, Bridgette Billo, Doreen Lambert, Natalie Bernecker, and Amy Stuursma. Their behind the scenes work and tireless hours made a huge contribution to the success of these tournaments. I can't thank you enough.
  • Finally, to all of the Southern volunteers who I didn't mention who stepped up. Thank you again! I can guarantee you, for those visiting teams who were not familiar with Southern, they are now! 
Southern Little League does it the right way!