Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Weather Update for Tuesday

6:00pm. More rain and lightning!
  • 7-8-year olds: The 6:00 game is ON, but the 7:30 game is CANCELED.
  • Majors: The two major games are both ON.
  • Seniors: Both Senior games will be delayed. The 5:30 game will be played at 6:30, and the 7:30 game will be played at 8:15. Both these games will have a 90 minute limit to assure a reasonable completion time.
Please check back often for more updates.

Monday, May 1, 2006

Your Photos

We welcome your photos to share with other families at Southern. Please email your photos to the webmaster, and he'll try and get them onto the website.

Please don't send huge batches of multi-megabyte photos. Pick one or two of your favorites only. Also, if you have any software that can shrink photos for emailing, please use it if you know how. The webmaster appreciates efforts to keep his inbox from overflowing with wall-sized photos.

Baseball Rules and Questions

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Our main contact for umpires is:
  • Jack Conway
  • mobile phone: 616-916-4911
  • email: jack_v_conway@hotmail.com



This is the page where we will keep our frequently asked questions. Unfortunately, there are not very many questions so far, and even fewer answers. But you can help. If you have another question you'd like to see added to this list; or, even better still, if you can provide an answer to one of these questions, simply send an email to the webmaster and we will try to get an answer posted here.

You can no longer post comments on this page. Here is why.

Q: What ever happened to the old eteamz website?
A: It's still there, but we don't really use it anymore. This site proved much more conducive to our needs.

Q: When does Southern Little League's season run?
Registration starts in January and February. Tryouts are usually in March. Practices begin in early April. Games begin in mid to late April.

Q: When is registration?
January and February. You can visit the sign-up page here.

Q: What are the ages for the various leagues?
Naturally, it's complicated. The easiest thing to do is to use the Little League Age Calculator (I kid you not) to detemine your child's Little League age for the season. Once you go through it, they will show you a list of eligible ages for each league. Here are some more details on the various leagues.

Q: How do tournaments work?
A: We have a page for that.

Q: How do I find out about umpiring?
A: We have a page for that.

Q: What are the opportunities to volunteer at Southern Little League?
A: We have a page for that.

Q: Can we see team schedules online?
A: We have a page for that.

Q: Can we see league standings online?
A: We have a page for that.

Q: I'm a coach and I want to reserve the practice field or the batting cages. Where do I do that?
A: You do that from....(drum roll please)....the Coaches pages. For future reference, there's a link to that from the menu bar across the top.

Q: How do they choose people for all-stars?
A: The teams are chosen from a ballot derived from the players that the kids nominated for the family day All Star Teams. Coaches may add a player if they felt he may have been overlooked and in the cases of the top teams in the standings, maybe even more than 1. The vote is by Internet with a short response time, so that there is not an opportunity to collude. Since we have gone to this system we have had successful results, with both teams in the final 4 the last 2 years and close to that the prior three.

Location, Field Maps & Boundary

We are located at:
2525 Kalamazoo Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507

We are located on the west side of Kalamazoo Avenue between Woodlawn Cemetery and the fire station. Below is a map of our location from which you can get driving directions. Some other handy maps:

View Southern Little League in a larger map

Weather Policy

As a general rule-of-thumb, it is our policy that we play in watches and cancel in warnings.

If you are not sure whether your scheduled game is cancelled due to weather, please check our website first. Unless our website says otherwise, or unless you hear from your coach that your game is cancelled, please plan to turn out for all scheduled games.

Here are some very handy links to keep you informed about the weather in Grand Rapids form the National Weather Service:

Contact Us

For all inquiries except those related to this website, please contact:
  • Joe Mead
  • mobile: 616-304-8794
  • email: joe.mead "at" welchallyn.com (replace "at" with @)
For inquiries related to this website, please contact the webmaster.

Questions? Comments? Ideas? Wanna post something?

We welcome any and all feedback about our website! If you spot an error in any schedules, standings, field directions, etc. or if you have any creative (or critical) suggestions, please contact the webmaster:
  • Paul VanderLei
  • email: webmaster "at" southernll.org (replace "at" with @)
If you have baseball-related concerns, this is not the right place to address those. Please contact the director here.

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