Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Big League Regional Tournament

The Big League Regional Tournament is set to begin Friday, July 21, at Pinery Park. Southern Little League is well represented. Here's the roster:
Matt Schepel        Matt Malewitz       Jason Kole
Mark Sabota Dan Norton Eric Soukup
Rob Kool Luke Glendenning Joey Nowak
Dan Jennings Eric Milanowski Pete Zessin
Zach Lewis Billy Kosters Steve Mason
And here's the schedule:
Fri. Dist. 9 Host vs. Indiana at Pinery 8:00P.M.
Sat. Dist. 9 Host vs. Missouri at Pinery 4:00P.M.
Sun. Dist. 9 Host vs. Ohio at Pinery 8:00P.M.
The final 4 is Monday at 4:00 and 8:00 with the finals on Tues. at 8:00P.M. at Pinery. For a complete schedule District 9 website here.

The teams participating are:
Dist. 9 Host
Michigan State Champ