Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Reserving Practice Fields (Coaches Only)

You can reserve slots for the batting cages and the various practice fields here.

Please read these very important instructions before you sign up:
  • Please limit your reservations as indicated on the signup system. Please don't make us get ugly about enforcing this. And don't be clever by using multiple different names to reserve for the same team. Clever abusers of this system will be banned for the entire season. If you see others violating this limit, please contact the webmaster.
  • Use your real name for making reservations. Only the head coach may make these reservations, not an assistant coach. Any reservations made with a name that does not match one of our active head coaches will be deleted without warning.
  • In the past, coaches have signed up for the same slots for the entire season, which was not fair to latecomers and encouraged coaches to sign up for slots they ended up not using. So we have been forced to open up slots a couple weeks at a time to prevent this. Once everyone has a crack at slots in the current 2-week period, we'll open up the next 2-week period, etc.
  • Once the season begins, batting cage reservations are no longer required. Instead, we assume that the teams playing games will be able to share the batting cages during the 90 minutes before their games begin.
  • If you are unable to use your reservation, please cancel it so others can sign up for that slot.
  • If you have any questions about the reservations system, please contact the webmaster.
  • Now that you have read these instructions, click here to make your reservations for the small fields.
Still looking for the link to make your field reservations? You must not have read the instructions very carefully!