Monday, May 5, 2008

Attention Softball Players and Parents

The Board of directors at Southern would like all of you to know that we are working feverishly to resolve the scheduling problems in our softball leagues.

We are including a schedule for this week for the Minors and a possible Minor/Major matchup. We will be working today and tonight to find other teams to play against and will have full schedules out in the next day or two. It is a possibility that our 3 Minor teams may play against each other for the year unless we can find other teams. Please accept our apologies and also know that we are working and willing to work to resolve any problems caused by this unfortunate circumstance.

  • 5:30pm on JC East - Minors: Team Braun (Teal) vs Team Schipper (Red)
  • 7:30pm on JC East - Majors: Southern vs. Pinery Park (TBD)

  • 9:00am on JC East - Minors Team Rozell (Green) vs Team Schipper (Red)
  • 11:00am on JC East - Minors Team Rozell (Green) vs MAJORS Team 1

  • 6:30pm on JC West - Minors Team Braun (Teal) vs Team Rozell (Green) CANCELLED
  • Official schedule begins