Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Online Sign-up is Easy!

This year all sign-ups for Southern Little League are online. Even if you attend one of our in-person sign-up sessions at Breton Village, you'll be filling out the information online on one of the laptops we have available. Handling all the sign-ups online makes it much easier for the volunteers at Southern to organize the information for the 700 or so kids who take part in softball and baseball each summer.

Online sign-up also makes it easier for you. When you sign up online the first time, you'll create an account with a password. So next season when you sign up, you won't need to enter all that information again. Just remember your account and password. In fact, if you signed your child up for Fall Ball last August, you can already take advantage of this, since we already have all your information on file.

You can find out all the details about online sign-up and also about our one remaining in-person sign-up session by clicking here.