Thursday, May 19, 2011

Concession Stand Reminder

To all parents of 78ers, Minors, and Majors Baseball Players:

Thank you to the parents who have volunteered their time this year by working in the concession stand. As many of you know, Southern Little League is a non-profit organization and we rely heavily on parent volunteers. The revenue from the concession stand helps to subsidize the registration fees and plays a big part in the maintenance of our facility.

Each team is expected to staff the concession stand for one hour during or around their game time. So far, we have had pretty good success with parents volunteering their time and working in the stand. However, there have been a few games where we haven't had any volunteers. We typically only have one Southern employee working which isn't enough to handle the number of kids that are in line after each game.

If you haven't signed up to volunteer yet, please see your team parent, coach, or Amy McCulloch ( to set-up a time. If you are at Southern and you see a big line, please feel free to help out as needed.

Lastly, children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the concession stand due to safety and insurance requirements. Please make other arrangements for your young ones while you are volunteering.