Friday, June 3, 2011

Congratulations Majors Baseball Family Day All-Stars

Congratulations to the following majors baseball players who were chosen by their teammates to play in the all-star game on Family Day. The game will take place on Sat-4-Jun at 7:30pm on the East field.

American LeagueNational League
Southwell (Thousand Oaks):
   Johnny Southwell
   Josh Rabideau
   Charlie Bogo
Grunewald (3form):
   Brennan Burke
   Reid Grunewald
   Ca'nas Coleman
Combs (Lighthouse Insurance Group):
   Andrew Combs
   Jack Combs
   Tommy Alkema
Sayfie (Shoe Carnival):
   Caleb Corell
   Ben Kole
   Alec Malaszenko
Rohen (Great Lakes Shipping):
   Jack Liszewski
   Harrison Rohen
   Mike Malewitz
Lundeen (Law Weathers):
   Jacob Elzinga
   Elliot Jung
   Jack Foy
Henkey (Metal Tech Buildings):
   Mark Primus
   Will Kortz
   Easton Schultz
Markham (Quaker Steak & Lube):
   Brady Oosse
   Elliot Bergsma
   Matt Blewett
Uglietta (Thirsty Knights):
   Ben Burrows
   Michael Uglietta
   Parker Caul
Goulet (Blue Sphere):
   Connor Goulet
   Ben Loos
   Marty Ward
Vulpetti (Miller-Johnson):
   Ian Ogdahl
   Max Vicari
   Jon Oostindie
Sullivan (Treadstone Mortgage):
   Emmett Warners
   EJ Sullivan
   Teddy Russo
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