Thursday, April 12, 2012

Southern Little League Complex Update

Hello Everyone,

In August of 2011 Southern Little League made the final field lighting payment to Musco lighting. This has been a 15 year project with lights first being installed on the east major field. Five years later lights were installed on the juniors/senior field, and finally in 2006 lights were installed on the West minor field. Improvements are always a top priority at Southern and have been very steady for the past 15 years.

Maintenance and upkeep of the property Southern Little League lies on is the sole responsibility of Southern Little League. The league pays the City of Grand Rapids $1.00 per year to lease the land and then all costs are the league's responsibility. With the fencing being replaced over the past 5 years and concluded last year, and improvements to the dugouts and the entire infrastructure, the next project is the scoreboards on the east and west fields. The existing boards have been a source of disappointment for the past several years and last year they were deemed out of commission.

The Board of Directors is excited to announce, with the sponsorship of Fox Motors, that new scoreboards will be installed before opening day on both the east and west fields. Because of the decline in revenue from our bingo fundraiser and rising costs we were planning on a two to three year delay in this project. Because of the sponsorships by Fox, Southern will not have the need to finance any portion of this project. These boards are very classic and have the pitch count feature built in. The players should be very excited and the parents and supporters will now be able to figure out what the score is.

Thank you to all of the sponsors of Southern Little League who make these and many other projects possible.

We hope everyone will enjoy this much needed improvement, and we look forward to seeing everyone on opening weekend.

Bob Hams
Southern Little League