Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tournament Dates

Below are the team tournament and all-star tournament dates for the summer:

Team Tournaments

The team tournaments are for major, junior, and senior level in both baseball and softball. Every team in those divisions will play in a team tournament against teams from other nearby leagues that finished with similar regular season records. It's a fun time for every player on every team at those levels. Parents, please block these dates below for team tournaments. The detailed schedules vary by team and by level and as the tournaments progress. Each team tournament can last as long as two weeks.
  • Majors Baseball: June 15
  • Juniors Baseball: June 22
  • Seniors Baseball: June 28
  • Majors Softball: June 15
  • Juniors Softball: June 22

All-Star Tournaments

The all-star tournaments are for every level of baseball and softball except 78ers. Southern typically sends one or two all-star teams from each division into the all-star tournaments. Please block these dates below if you think your child might be selected for an all-star team. All-star tournaments can last two weeks or more, depending on how far our teams advance.
  • 9-10 Baseball: July 8
  • 10-11 Baseball: July 1
  • Majors Baseball: June 27
  • Juniors Baseball: July 8
  • Seniors Baseball: July 8
  • 9-10 Softball: July 8
  • 10-11 Softball: July 8
  • Majors Softball: June 24
  • Juniors Softball: July 8