Friday, September 6, 2013

Fall Ball Schedule for Sunday, September 8

We apologize for the delay in the full schedules. We are working to complete them and will have them posted by Monday.

Please visit the Rosters link on the right sidebar to double-check which team your child is on.

Sunday, September 8

Coach Pitch
Shelton vs. O’Malley – West – 1:00pm
Stotts vs. Kirchgessner – West – 3:00pm

Kuzner vs. Westerbeke – East – 5:00pm
Hall vs. McIntyre – West – 5:00pm
Conway vs. Force – JC West – 5:00pm

Masek vs. Kolk – East – 1:00pm
Zezima vs. Stadel – East 3:00pm

Kortz vs. Adams – Henwood – 1:00pm

Minor Softball
to be announced