Friday, January 31, 2014

A Letter from the President of Southern

Hello to All Southern Little League Members Past and Present,

I am writing to give you an update on many topics for the upcoming season. Before I get in to this season I would like to share with you that the East, West and Junior/Senior fields all underwent renovation of their infields last Fall. We will post photos here after this weekend’s Leadoff Party. We are working toward three additional improvements for the spring. Improved scoring decks with covered roofs and fenced in area on both East and West fields. Thanks to the Gene Missad Foundation the money for the West/Gene A. Missad field has already been raised. The Junior/Senior Henwood field is in desperate need of a new scoreboard. The East field project and Henwood scoreboard projects will cost between $15,000 and $20,000 to complete. You have all received many blasts about The Southern Little League Leadoff Party and perhaps you are even annoyed at the blasts however this is a fundraiser that hopefully will allow the League to do these much needed improvements. Please scroll down to the next article and sign up to join in the Leadoff Party tomorrow night. Don’t let a little snow deter you. It’s not only a fundraiser it’s also a great place to meet past and present members of SLL.

You can sign up now for the 2014 Baseball and Softball season at Southern. The link is on our website up along the right side. You will see our first email blast about signups next week. A new Little League rule for this year changes the boundary rule of the past “You must live within the printed boundary of the league or attend school in that league’s boundaries.” The highlighted area is the change and is a much needed improvement so we don’t have to struggle to get waivers any longer.

Southern Little League needs a volunteer director for our softball program. It is a must that we have families volunteer or we simply can’t operate. Contact me at to discuss the responsibilities.

Southern Little League was awarded the honor of hosting the 9/10 year old State Baseball Championships and the Senior League State Championships for 2014. These tournaments only come around once every 16 years for each age group and we were also selected from all of the leagues in District 9. We will give you much more information on both of these tournaments to be run the end of July. Please consider volunteering to help us run the best State Tournaments ever.

We look forward to seeing all of you soon. Below are some of the many important dates for the 2014 season. Hope you all come to the Leadoff Party Saturday.
  • Signups – Now thru March 15
  • Tryouts – March 29th at EGR High School Gymnasium
  • Cleanup Day – April 19th at Southern
  • Kickoff Meeting – April 23rd at EGR Middle Cafeteria (mandatory for all coaches and team parents)
  • Opening Day – April 24
  • Family Day – June 7th
Best Regards,
Bob Hams
President, Southern Little League