Friday, August 1, 2014

A Huge Thank You to All Our Volunteers

Southern, we have completed the hosting of the Seniors  and the 9-10 state tournaments. If I had a $1000 to put in the "kitty" for every compliment we received, we wouldn't have to worry about fundraising!

I would like to recognize the following people and groups:
  • Jen Rowe - concessions. She and all of her teammates and the volunteers did an awesome job. "Courteous" and "friendly" were a few of the adjectives used to describe them.
  • Joe Malewitz and the grounds crew. What can we say? Our fields were second to none!
  • Jim Weiss and Rick Stockhill - umpires. The umpires were professional and timely as usual.
  • Dave Wallet - the master griller. Dave put full days in at the grill. Quite an accomplishment with the weather. Special mention to Ethan Rohen as well.
  • All of our own Southern players who donated their time for pitch counting, score keeping, and announcing. Parents please pass along our thanks to them.
  • Mathew Sullivan, the announcer for the Senior tournament and the 9-10 championship game. I can't even begin to tell everyone all of the compliments we received. Thank you, Mathew!
  • Bridgette Billo and Doreen Lambert for having our merchandise tent ready to go and stocked every day.
  • Let's not forget our committee - Bob Hams, Tim Kolk, Jamie Billo, Bridgette Billo, Doreen Lambert, Natalie Bernecker, and Amy Stuursma. Their behind the scenes work and tireless hours made a huge contribution to the success of these tournaments. I can't thank you enough.
  • Finally, to all of the Southern volunteers who I didn't mention who stepped up. Thank you again! I can guarantee you, for those visiting teams who were not familiar with Southern, they are now! 
Southern Little League does it the right way!