Thursday, June 2, 2016

Congratulations Majors Family Day All-Stars!

Come watch these teams play in the Majors All-Star Game on Saturday at 7:30pm on the East Field.

American League:
Manager Scott Bernecker

From Team Bernecker
David Bernecker
Ben English
Mitchell Stuursma
From Team Conway
Luke Conway
Luke Bentley
Alec Koval
From Team Stadel
Aiden Stadel
Mekhi James
Conor Callahan
From Team Hall
Adam Hall
Mitchell White
Jaiden Burgess
From Team Gelderloos
Peter Bos
Danny McIntyre
Luke Gelderloos
National League:
Manager Joel Passinault

From Team Passinault
Luke Kuzner
John Passinault
Nate Van Dyke
From Team Seth
Tanner Warners
Levi Heerema
Camden Seth
From Team Vanderboegh
Matthew Ydenberg
Benjamin Rusticus
Hans Pruis
From Team Dwortz
Ian Masek
Nick Collins
Jose Molero
From Team Burns
Brendan Burns
Liam O'Malley
Oliver Beale