Friday, March 3, 2017

Thank You, Southern Supporters!

As chairman of the Fundraising Committee of the Board of Directors of Southern Little League and on behalf of my fellow committee members, Sara Stadel and Kari DeBoer, we would like to thank those of you that attended the Lead Off Party Fundraiser for 2017. Despite the lower number of parents of current and past players, we realized one of our most successful years to date. Thanks to a group of faithful patrons who did attend, we added nearly $15,000.00, after expenses, to the annual Southern Little League budget. It is because of the efforts of these loyal supporters that we are able to continue to keep the amount you pay for your child to participate to less than half of the approximately $375 actual annual per player cost. If you were unable to attend the party, but would still like to contribute, please visit our website, for a convenient way to make a donation.

Now that the new year of baseball and softball is almost here we can all look forward to making memories that last a life time. Thanks to the time and effort put forth by the many volunteers, coaches and players, we will make 2017 another great year for Southern Little League!

Tim Kolk, Sara Stadel & Kari DeBoer
Fundraising Committee for Southern Little League