Monday, June 4, 2018

Congratulations 2018 Minors Baseball Family Day All-Stars!

Come watch these teams play in the Minors All-Star Game on Saturday at 7:30pm on the West Field.

American League:
Manager Tom Kuzner

From Team Kuzner
Maxwell Gaiser
Carter Vriesenga
Michael Kuzner
From Team Tocco
Andrew Owings
Noah Reed
Ethan Holzgen
From Team Bishop
Ryer Olsson
Andy Jeakle
Max Bishop
From Team Wolford
Casey Shelton
Mikey Wolford
Dylan Daniels
From Team Clark
Chase Voorhees
Will Deblecourt
Eli Clark
From Team Meinert
Joe Cuncannan
Hudson Meinert
William Bush
National League:
Manager Kevin Stotts

From Team Stotts
Brandt Alles
Luke Ekkens
Ben Stotts
From Team Wisinski
Ethan Sova
Cole Bertke
Jackson Greene
From Team Rohen
Cooper Rohen
J.P. Levan
Tripp Hoekstra
From Team Klein
Drew Young
Will Klein
Ben Gott
From Team Scholten
George Haan
Sam Heintz
Emmett Vance
From Team Sage
Pablo Alzamora
Jake Hedeman
Henry Seufert