Friday, April 25, 2008

Change to Majors Schedule May 21 & 22

At the request of the coaches involved, we have made a change to the schedule for the Major league on May 21 & 22. The changes are shaded orange below and on the schedule.
  • On May 21, the original schedule showed VanScoyk vs. Lubben. This has been changed to Hollern vs. Lubben. The time and field are unchanged.
  • On May 22, the original schedule showed Vaughn vs. Hollern. This has been changed to Vaughn vs. VanScoyk. The time and field are unchanged.
As a rule, whenever we make a change or correction to a schedule, we always announce it via email to make sure everyone knows. That means some of you might receive schedule change announcements for leagues not of interest to you. But hopefully you can understand the importance of notifying players, families, umpires and volunteers about schedule changes.