Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Significant Junior League Schedule Changes for Sat-3-May

Due to numerous calls from Junior League coaches about conflicts on Sat-3-May, all Juniors games originally scheduled for Sat-3-May have been rescheduled for either Fri-9-May or Sat-10-May. Rather than enumerate each change here, please refer to the revised schedule. The rescheduled games are now shaded orange.

Junior League coaches, now that there are no games scheduled on Sat-3-May, we have opened up new slots on the Junior Field practice schedule for Fri-2-May and Sat-3-May.

As a rule, whenever we make a change or correction to a schedule, we always announce it via email to make sure everyone knows. That means some of you might receive schedule change announcements for leagues not of interest to you. But hopefully you can understand the importance of notifying players, families, umpires and volunteers about schedule changes.