Friday, June 18, 2010

Majors Baseball Team Tournament Assignments

Southern's baseball majors teams have been assigned to the following brackets in the District 9 team tournaments:

Class A: Sullivan (Southern 1)
Class A: Henkey (Southern 2)
Class B: Markham
Class C: Campbell/Norton
Class D: Vandenberg
Class E: Olsson
Class F: Vulpetti
Class G: Combs
Class H: O’Connor
Class I: Ward (Southern 1)
Class I: Southwell (Southern 2)
Class J: Antonini

You can track Southern's teams in the district brackets on the District 9 website here. We encourage you to come out for Southern's home tournament games. Remember, we do not notify our subscribers of schedule changes or weather cancellations for tournament games.

Good luck to all of Southern's teams!