Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Only Once a Year

by Southern's Field Reporter
Another Family Day come and gone. Another day of sun shining down on Grand Rapids (except during the All-Star Game, of course). Another day of bounce castles, slip-and-slides, and steak kabobs. This is what we play baseball for.

78ers White Sox #14 Aidan Callahan
We play so that all the people outside of the fence with their corn and butter dripping down their chins can watch us hit RBI singles and tag out our friends from school and then rub it in after the games.

Even though Southern isn’t the biggest organization and Grand Rapids isn’t the biggest city, even though reporters from all over the country didn’t see Teddy Russo go deep twice against Vandenberge’s Old Orchard team or the AL Minors All-Star team turn a double play, we Little Leaguers still love Family Day, and now we’ll have to wait another year for it to come around again.