Thursday, May 23, 2013

Juniors Baseball Schedule Changes

Team tournaments for juniors baseball starts on Saturday, June 22. Because of this earlier than expected start date, we are canceling the following games:
  • Thursday, June 20
    7:30pm - Lundeen vs Sajdak
  • Friday, June 21
    5:30pm - Winkle vs Hoppman
    7:30pm - Malewitz vs Murray
  • Saturday, June 22
    9:00am - Winkle vs Lundeen
    11:30am - Hoppman vs Malewitz
    2:00pm - Murray vs Sajdak
We have also rescheduled the following games. These are only time changes on the same date:
  • Saturday, June 1 (Family Day)
    8:30am - Hoppman vs Sajdak
    10:15am - Lundeen vs Murray
    12:00pm - Malewitz vs Winkle
  • Saturday, June 8
    2:30pm Hoppman vs Winkle
Finally, we've added a Juniors Baseball All-Star Game on Family Day:
  • Saturday, June 1
    7:30pm - Juniors Baseball All-Star Game