Monday, May 19, 2014

78ers, Minors & Majors Coaches: Practice Field Slots for This Week

We just acquired a few more practice field slots at Lakeside School for this week. A few reminders, since you've been asking:
  • You may only use the practice fields at Lakeside and Breton Downs Schools if you have signed up for one of our slots. At all other times, EGR Parks & Rec does NOT want us on those fields.
  • Batting cages at Southern no longer require signup. We're assuming you can all figure out how to share them nicely in the time before your game.
  • Please, and this is IMPORTANT: Do NOT telephone EGR Parks & Rec for any reason. If you have questions or issues, please contact the webmaster or Mike Schwenneker.
Sign up for those new slots on the coaches page as usual. Be kind, not greedy.