Thursday, May 1, 2014

Important Announcement

We are saddened to announce that Bob Hams has resigned his position as Southern Little League President, effective immediately.  Due to work reasons, Bob has made the decision that he no longer has the considerable time that it takes to run the best little league in the state.

We would like to thank Bob for all he has done for so many children over the last 25 plus years with his involvement with Southern Little League.  Bob is the definition of what it means to be a volunteer.  He has given our children so much over the years with his countless hours of work. It is an incredibly time-demanding and thankless job to run a league with over 700 players. Bob has done this for many, many years without being paid.  He generously gave freely of his time for the love of the game and, most importantly, to give our children the best experience possible.  He will continue to help out the league on a behind-the-scenes basis as his schedule permits.  When you see Bob at Southern this spring/summer, please thank him for all he has done.  His contributions are immeasurable.

Joe Mead will take over the presidency on an interim basis.

The season is off to a good start and we look forward to another great year.  Please follow Bob’s lead and volunteer your time at Southern when you can.

The Board of Southern Little League