Sunday, April 18, 2010

Financial Help for Southern Field Improvements

Southern Little League has committed to additions of the West Field dugouts and a large fencing replacement and improvement project. Included in this project are the additions of the dugouts on the West field, Backstop overhangs on both the East and West fields, and the replacement of fencing on the Senior Field (Henwood Field) down the lines and the outfield which is over 40 years old. WE NEED YOUR HELP WITH CHARITABLE DONATIONS TO SOUTHERN LITTLE LEAGUE!! As with any large project the costs keep going up and we could really use your financial support for your Little League. What do you get in return? A charitable contribution write off on your taxes and most importantly the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed to one of the longest operating Little Leagues in America. 57 years Southern has been serving the youth of Southeast Grand Rapids and East Grand Rapids. WITH YOUR HELP WE CAN MAKE IT ANOTHER 57 YEARS. Please drop of your checks this weekend to Myself, Rob Henkey, Will Jager or Bernie Malewitz. Please make your check payable to Southern Little League and we will send you the appropriate receipts. $100, $200, $500 or $1000. Everything helps. I challenge you all with a $500.00 donation that I will hand to Bernie and Rob Saturday.

Hope to see you all Friday or Saturday,
Bob Hams
Southern Little League