Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rule Changes for 2010 and More

You can view the 2010 rule changes on the Little League website here. We have also added this link to the Coaches page for your convenience.

Also, coaches, please take a moment to review your upcoming field and batting cage reservations. We'd like to remind you that you are asked to limit your field reservations to one slot per week. This does not mean one slot per field per week. It means one practice field slot plus one batting cage slot per week in total. We're still seeing a number of coaches who are well beyond this limit. Some of you have reserved batting cage time before every game. That's clever, but if it ends up being more than once a week, you're not in compliance. Please help us out by reviewing your reservations now to make sure you comply. If you see other coaches in violation, have a polite word with them or contact the webmaster.

One more thing, coaches. Have a look on your league's schedules page. If you don't see your team's sponsor name or team name beside the coach's name, please email the webmaster with that information so we can update the schedules and standings to include it.