Friday, February 1, 2013

2013 Softball Majors Schedule

  • League Director: Courtney Moskal
    email: courtmosk "at" (replace "at" with @)
  • Please remember to sign up for email updates. That way you won't miss any schedule changes or weather updates.
  • We generally do NOT make weather announcements about away games. Please contact your coach for cancellation updates on away fields.
  • Changes made after April 10 to the original schedule will be announced via email and marked on the schedule with a C in the C column. Rescheduled rain-outs are denoted by an R in that column.
  • Picture Day is May 11.
  • Family Day is Sat-1-Jun.
  • Team tournaments begin Sat-15-Jun.
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  • Click here to download this schedule as a PDF you can print.