Thursday, February 28, 2013

Preseason Warm-up for Juniors Baseball

We will be forming a preseason warm-up session for juniors baseball this season for the players not playing on their school teams.
  • You must be signed up at Southern for the regular season to be eligible.
  • There will not be any added cost. The fee will be included with the cost of signing up for juniors baseball.
  • There will be two games or practices per week. However, we will have to work around field availability.
  • Games will be at Southern.
  • Season will begin on or about April 15 and end around May 4th or at the beginning of the juniors baseball regular season.
  • Bernie Malewitz and Rob Murray will coach a team each and will play each other each game.
  • There will be an umpire for games.
  • Instruction and getting ready to play baseball on the big field is the emphasis.
  • Again, this is for players who will not be playing on their perspective school teams.
  • Please email Rob Henkey ( if your player would like to play.